Define Aesthetic Website Creation


Creating a converting eCommerce website for the Define Aesthetic brand.



  • to reduce the fees that were being paid by hosting a shop on Etsy / Shopify

  • to generate more sales and therefore revenue

  • to increase brand reputation as ‘more than just a small business’, moving away from selling via social media


Often when clients would like help with a website set up, they think they just need the words to go on the screen. Most of the time, it’s a lot more than that! There’s a lot of prep that goes behind website copywriting, therefore this project took a U-turn and ended up being a full website creation and set-up project.

I also took charge of Define Aesthetic's Instagram and Facebook content creation and social media management. These efforts generated numerous sales and repeat customers, with social media being Define Aesthetic's main source of sales.

Phase 1: Bought a Wix Business account and Go Daddy domain

We bought the domain as well as Wix business account because:

  • The target audience was UK based (.com was not needed)

  • The Wix Business account was user friendly and contained the necessary integrations and automations

Define Aesthetic Home Page.jpg

Phase 2: Social media adjustments

We adjusted all social media names (Instagram and Facebook) to match the domain; @defineaestheticuk. This helped create clarity in the brand and resulted in social media consumers easily being able to find the website Googling it, and vice versa.

Define Aesthetic reviews.jpg

Phase 3: Research and client mood board creation

We then did a lot of research into the best performing eCommerce websites and what made them so successful. That research was then compared to a mood board made by the client, to gain an understanding of their values and desired aesthetic; essentially matching what they wanted and what would be best for their business.

Define Aesthetic Ramekin candles product page.jpg

Phase 4: Product Categorisation

In line with the desired pages, the client categorised their products into their ‘product lines’ to increase website usability and ease the customer journey.

Define Aesthetic product category page.jpg

Phase 5: A Simple Photoshoot

We then took higher quality photos of all the products with a similar background to make the whole website (and its products) look smarter and more unified in terms of brand. We used the newly agreed brand guidelines that applied to website photos, as well as a slightly looser set of guidelines for social media imagery.

Define Aesthetic wax melt product page.jpg

Phase 6: SEO Copywriting

Next is where I came is with my SEO copywriter hat on! We’d already decided the relevant pages, so it was just a case of putting some meat on the bones. This included writing a landing page – the home page – that would help convert more consumers, product category pages, product descriptions, the about page (a balance between storytelling and selling the brand). This included optimising images, URLs, slugs, meta titles and descriptions to aid Google ranking.

Whilst this proved important, the main source of traffic to the website was from the brand's social media pages, therefore the importance of SEO was later altered to put more emphasis on posts on social media that drove consumers to the website. Therefore, QR codes were printed to help increase website traffic and sales. These were placed in order to encourage repeat customers, as well as handed out and featured in social media posts.

Define Aesthetic about page.jpg

Phase 7: Back-end installations & activations

We then worked hard to set up the back-end of the website, such as the automated inventory, pop-ups offering discounts for subscribers, and automated emails that informed people of items left in their basket. This stage was just as important as the website copy itself because these features helped to move consumers down the consumer funnel towards purchase.

Define Aesthetic shopping cart.jpg

Phase 8: Continuous updates

Phase 8 never really ends! In this brand’s case, there was often new products to add, new lines created, and new candle scents offered. Changes also incorporated client inspiration that they’d seen; for example, it wasn’t until a month after the website went live, when we put the brand values infographics onto the website.

Keeping a website updated is just as important as building a brilliant one to start with, which is why I continued to work with this client for months after the website went live.

Define Aesthetic get in touch pop up.jpg