ICE London – a first taste at FTF networking and industry conferences

If there are three things that I was warned about needing for ICE, it was flats, my laptop, and my bright green SITA lanyard - I couldn’t have had better advice! There was an extortionate amount of walking, and the occasional sprint across the 600m Excel to a meeting, leading to my feet racking up over 10,000 steps by lunchtime most days.

Repeatedly, identifying our team members from the crowds of people dressed mostly in black or navy, became easier if you were on the lookout for our bright green lanyards. Clients noticed it too, commenting on the ‘sea of SITA’ representatives this year at ICE - out in full force and proud.

Meeting clients face to face for the first time ever definitely had to be a highlight of the whole week. Nothing beats communication when that person is standing in the flesh in front of you, and we found that an hour’s FTF meeting achieved more than a month of weekly calls and email threads would have.

Besides showcasing our own SITA products to the world of iGaming and betting, we also helped multiple clients bring theirs to the forefront of the show. Our video team took on a host of interviews with some of the biggest names in the game; exploring how White Hat Studios broke into the American market, Vivo Gaming’s Live Casino products, and interviews with Altenar’s Director and COO, Dinos Stranomitis, about their sportsbook offering.

LinkedIn was going wild with ICE stand images, as brands took to social media to share what they were up to in this warehouse full of flashing screens, roulette tables, and cleverly implemented two-story stands. Capturing the conference action was an important part of my ICE activities; a role which involved locking myself away from the buzz to generate some captions, setting up tripods, and taking some artsy behind-the-scenes pictures for clients.

By about 5 pm, when business was almost over for the day, we found ourselves invited to many a cocktail stand and sports bar, taking the opportunity to talk about something other than shop with our clients, partners, old colleagues, and new acquaintances. Day 3 came to an end, but we can definitely still feel the momentum ICE instilled in the industry, from exploring new client leads to #ThrowbackThursday posts reliving the success of another year at ICE - and what a first for me it was.

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