20 FREE tools for freelancing, business growth and organisation

Here are 20 FREE tools, apps and programs that I use day-in, day-out to help me achieve the feedback shown below, freelance client acquisition, business growth and life balance.

Words that often pop up in my feedback thanks to the help I get from these FREE tools:







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Tools for Organisation

Asana - organising my life

I use the free version of the tool to colour code different aspects of my life (business & personal), to then organise what I do each day. I don't have to-do lists or priority lists, instead, I make a judgement on what I can do based on the available time (and energy!) and take tasks from the list.

📦Google Drive - storage

Whilst I'm a Microsoft kinda-gal, I do store everything on my Google Drive, which mean's I can access it anywhere; my laptops, phone, or another computer in an emergency. I love how when I got a new phone, my contacts, calendar, notes and everything was already synced on there, making for easy swapping.

TimeCamp - time tracking

Whilst I rarely charge per hour, I do like to keep an eye on how much time I'm spending on different tasks / clients / my own business / my development. TimeCamp generated reports that help visually show my time spent on different things.

💰Quickbooks - (low cost) finance management

This software helps me keep track of my invoices, income and expenses all in one place - making tax returns, savings, and rate changes easy to manage with simple graphs to show you where you're at with your £££.

📈Google Analytics - SEO management & strategy planning

Whilst Google Analytics is often used for checking SEO and website traffic performance, I also use it to help track trends and therefore strategy creation and adjustment; including the blog topics I cover, tweaks in my website design and more.


Tools for Writing

✏️Grammarly - my proofing angel

I've downloaded the desktop version of Grammarly, so I don't write an email, article, tweet or Asana task without the grammar being checked. It's changed my writing for the better and I'm even considering the premium version!

📋Notes - spontaneous thoughts / message planning

Sometimes I'm away from my Asana app and inspiration strikes, so it goes in notes. I do love using a physical notebook and pen too but those are more for specific brainstorming or recording instructions.


Tools for Creating

🎨Canva - my content creation go-to

I can't rate Canva highly enough

✅ Gives correct image sizes for social media

✅ Selection of elements

✅ Easy to use templates

✅ Helps inspire content inspiration

✅ Shareable links so others can edit

🎙️Anchor - podcast creation

The Anchor app makes recording podcast episodes really easy, as well as of decent quality. It makes distribution to platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music easy, as well as the integration onto my website a piece of cake.

📸Instagram - aesthetic content

Instagram, being an imagery-focused SM platform, means that use it a lot to view and research aesthetic content ideas, as well as experiment with video content which has grown in popularity over the past few years.

♻️Repost App - Instagram reposting

I use this app a lot for clients where I do social media management - it's a great tool that allows me to repost content from my client's partners. This is often to increase brand awareness, engagement and brand relationships.

👩🏻‍💻Wix - easy website creation

I use Wix for its user-friendly interface that allows me to quickly and easily design website pages with its simple drag and drop features. Back-end automation is also incredibly easy, such as email marketing, posting to connected social platforms, and inventory tracking if you are an eCommerce store.


Tools for Networking & Communication

👀Skype / Teams - virtual meetings

I'm not really too picky on the platform of my virtual meetings; the free versions of Skype and Teams work well enough for me and their camera angles don't give me too many chins!

🐦Twitter - freelance networking

Networking with the Twitter community is a daily occurrence, and I have the app on my phone, as well as an open tab on my laptop. Community-driven content on Twitter is like no other. The focus is less so on how many followers or likes posts get, but the value of the content shared.

💬Facebook - group advice

I can't say that Facebook has generated me much in terms of website traffic or client leads, but it is useful in other ways. Some of the most valuable advice I've received has come from Facebook groups and communities - it's just about finding the right one for you.

👩🏽‍💼LinkedIn – professional networking

I use LinkedIn as a more professional networking method than the likes of Twitter, connecting with people globally. I also share different pieces of content that add value to my portfolio, given that future employers are likely to research on LinkedIn.

✉️Outlook - email management

I love how outlook can be configured so that I have all my email inboxes in one space, making for easy email management. Also, my (paid for) personalised domain just looks a bit more professional than an @gmail one - but that's my preference!


Tools for Life Balance

📹One Second Everyday - journalling

Whilst I do have my little black book to journal in, I do prefer visually journalling. OSE enables me to capture 1sec of video every day to add to the journal. I can then view every week / month / year in a short video. It helps me see the good in every day 🙂

🏃🏽‍♀️Lupa - mindful running

This app is AMAZING! When I first tried it out, I was very impressed by the tech behind the app, and the ability for the app to really make me tune into my body whilst I'm running. It can also be used to chase your goals and train for new distances - there's nothing else like it.

What tools do you have for your day-to-day life? Let me know on Twitter!

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