Curriculum Vitae & Career Milestones

B2B Social Media Executive

@Square In The Air

April 2022 - present 

I  work with a number of clients to aid their progression towards marketing objectives, through the use of B2B social media platforms such as LinkedIn; whether that’s to promote products, launch campaigns, enhance brand reputation or continue ongoing social media management.

I help lead the procress from strategy planning, right through to analysing performance; encompassing content creation and engagement driving campaigns in between. Additionally, we provide clients with assistance for both organic and paid social media campaigns.

Freelance Marketer

September 2021 - present

I have managed the social media platforms of multiple businesses in the sporting industry, including that of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms. Management of social media platforms involved strategising, researching, creating engaging content and providing a monthly analytical plan to further enhance the content. The content I created and managed was promoted organically and using paid advertising.

Junior Account Executive

@Square In The Air

July 2021 - March 2022

As a Junior Account Executive I work across the business; in the B2C team working with sports betting giants, William Hill, in the Social Media Team, and in the B2B team, helping to manage over 5 client accounts. This has hugely enhanced my writing ability due to the differing audiences; B2B press releases, consumer blogs and LinkedIn posts all require a different set of skills in order to be written successfully and effectively. 

Freelance Writer

April 2020 - present

I have written both consumer-focused and business-targeted content for clients, with the large span of goals; whether that be to increase product purchases, increase social media engagement, develop a client's voice in their industry, or accelerate consumer awareness of the brand.